Operating Limitations for P2 Novice Paragliding Pilots

  1. Maximum base wind of 12 MPH 

  2. Maximum peak gusts to 15 MPH 

  3. Maximum gust rate of 5 MPH in 5 seconds. 

  4. Should not fly in thermal lift where peak climb rates exceed 200 FPM. 

  5. If foot launching, should launch only on slopes steeper than 4:1, where the wind is within 25º of being straight up the slope. 

  6. If tow launching in winds in excess of 3 mph, should only launch where the wind is within 25º of being straight along the tow-line.

  7. Visual contact with the landing zone. 

  8. Avoid application of either brake beyond 2/3 of the way from slack to stall position. 

  9. Limit turns to 30º of bank, limit speed in turns to 1.5 times the straight line, breaks off, cruise speed, and smoothly exit any spiral turn which shows a tendency to steepen or accelerate. 

  10. Should fly a canopy recommended by the manufacturer as suitable for Beginner to Intermediate rated pilots.

    Should exceed these limitations only after thoroughly mastering all required tasks, and after acquiring a full understanding of the potential problems and dangers involved in exceeding these limitations.